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On 12/31/12 or 1/1/13, I used the warm water therapeutic pool at this fitness center. My 2-piece bathing suit was completely bleached out.

The executive director claims that I am the only member to have had this problem. Therefore, he is refusing to do anything about my issue. I don't believe that I am the only one with this concern. However, it is irrelevant to my situation and makes my bathing suit any less damaged.

He also claimed that the problem may have been created by me using bleach to launder the bathing suit. What a joke! Get real! Who in the *** would ever use bleach to wash a bathing suit in??!!


Chicago, Illinois, United States #632208

Really?I would be embarrassed to admit that you are wearing a bikini to a health club much less to wear it in the warm water therapy pool.

The Warm Therapy Pool is for Therapeutic reasons, the lap pool is for exercise. who where you expecting to impress?? This is a Health Club, not a hotel. I have been using all the amenities for years including the whirlpool and have not had a problem.

I travel a lot, have stayed and played in hundreds of hotels & resort pools and ONCE did my bathing suite fade out.

It happens at the best 4 star resorts.

to Happy Camper Buffalo Grove, Illinois, United States #632241

Really?? This is not an itsy bitsy tenie weenie bkiki FYI!! and if I truly was so indecently and scantily clad, tell me why not one other member or employee has ever made comment number one to me??!!!

As for who I was expecting to impress, gee, I was trying to impress my spine with two metal rods in it which is why i take this class.

You are passing judgement on me and a bathing suit you have never laid eyes on. Withhold judgement where you have zero knowledge of the facts. Your comment is so inane it barely deserves rebuttal

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